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After almost two thousand years in exile, Jews returned to their ancestral homeland and, in 1948, established the State of Israel. In 1967, when Israel conquered the West Bank from Jordan, Jews rushed to return to their Biblical roots in Judea and Samaria. Despite decades of bitter conflict with the resident Palestinians, Jews continue to settle these contested territories. Some regard this return as the realization of Biblical prophecies, as part of the process of redemption. This film attempts to understand the beliefs and motivations of the settlers through the stories of the region’s winemakers.

RT: 77 minutes
Available in HD ProRes and DCP Format

Wine Makers

Wine was very important to Jews all over the history. And I think we are just coming back to it, with a too-long break, but we're coming back to it. 


Eli Shiran, Shiran Winery

Ramat HaGolan was conquered in 1967 from the Syrian.  In the distant past, the area was full of Jews and Jewish settlements.

Yoav Levy, Bazelet HaGolan Winery 


Because when you smell it, you smell the grapes of where they grew, you smell the climate, you feel kind of where it all started.  

Roni Saslove, Wine Maker

To see this revival, I feel that G-d answered his promise and the prophecies are coming true.


Moriah Shapira, Manager of Ancient Shiloh Visitor Center


The wine, the land and the culture that like a thread connects those two things together.

Nir Lavi, Har Bracha Winery

When I'm making wine it's not only for money, it's to fulfill the prophecy.


Eliav Hillel, Kabir Winery


We’re still here because we bond to the land. Our roots are here. We love it. It’s our home.

Vered Ben-Saadon, Tura Winery

We feel that the roots of our vineyards run much deeper into the land all the way back to our history here.


Erez Ben-Saadon, Tura Winery


Everything that we see around us is a miracle and the even bigger miracle is that it doesn’t look like a miracle.

Elad Movshoviz, Drimia Winery

It’s not about the community right now, but it’s the continuum. It’s about being part of the human experience.


Hillel Manne, Beit El Winery


The prophet wrote it in Jeremiah, ‘Again you will plant vineyards on the hills of Samaria.’

Yoram Cohen, Tanya Winery

Here in Samaria, we planted roots 40 years ago. We reside here, live here and are shaped by the land here.


Lior Nahum, Gat Shomron Winery

Screenshot 2021-08-01 224800.png

If you stroll on these hills, in every spot, beside every small ditch, every stream, any place where one could plant something, most likely there were vineyards.

Tomer Pnini, Tom winery

It’s pretty amazing, it’s like the land is calling you to work it.


Ari Pollack, Tom Winery


When I came back, all of a sudden, my soul found connection to where it came from…It’s like G-d took me from wherever I was and brought me here and said ‘Here, this is your place,’ and I actually feel it.


Yaacov Bris, La Foret Blanche Winery


This is the blessed place in Israel. Jacob the Patriarch was born here and he grew up here. As it’s written in the Torah in Genesis chapter 49, it says six phrases about wine, six phrases about grapes.

Amichai Ariel, Ariel Winery 

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