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Ian McGonigle

Ian McGonigle was born in 1984 in the town of Drogheda in the Republic of Ireland. His father was an electrician and his mother ran a pre-school. He grew up in the small town of Skerries in North County Dublin where he spent his youth racing sailboats. He was educated at Skerries Community College and at Trinity College Dublin, where he studied the sciences. Upon graduation, he went up to King’s College Cambridge for a PhD in biochemistry where he became distracted by anthropology, leading him to a masters in anthropology at the University of Chicago, and a second PhD, in anthropology and Middle Eastern studies, at Harvard University. His dissertation, ‘Genomic Citizenship,’ was awarded the Association for Middle East Anthropology dissertation award and became a book published with MIT Press. In 2018, he took up an Assistant Professorship in Singapore with a grant to launch a ‘Science and Society’ research group. He is currently doing ethnographic work with religious Jewish winemakers in the contested territories of Israel/Palestine.

Audi Khalid
Urban Aperture, Producer

Audi is CEO of Urban Aperture, a Singapore-based production studio with a focus on commercial and corporate visuals. From idea to image and script to screen, Urban Aperture realises your project for a social generation.

Gloria Daysor
Gravitate, Post Producer

Gloria is a versatile and innovative producer with extensive experience in brand development through video production and creative business communications. A graduate of Media Studies from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Gloria began her career in television, learning production from ground up. She learnt the ropes of shooting, interviewing, editing and producing TV series, corporate films and online content for government, local and international agencies. Her passion led her to London, where she attended the New York Film Academy and further honed her craft in storytelling. Since then, she has been telling stories for clients by her ability to get the best people for the job. Galvanizing the team and delivering the best story possible by wearing many hats in accordance to different needs of each project - as a researcher, writer, director, editor. But most of all as a producer who made it happen. She understands both client and working teams’ interests and practices open communication to problem solve, which keeps clients returning. When she is not crunching numbers or buried in projects, Gloria can be found in her kitchen, secretly training to be the next Masterchef.

Pinky Vierra
Gravitate, Editor

Pinky’s love for the silver screen started when she was 7, shooting and editing family films on Super 8. In her early teens, little did she know that compositing 8-bit images of her friends and their celebrity crushes on a Macintosh was a prelude to career later in post production. Right after her Communications degree, Pinky enrolled herself in a Producing and Directing course at the University of Southern California, where she immersed herself in film production and editing. She started her online editing career working on TV commercials and films in the Philippines. Further expanding her repertoire of skills to producing, directing and offline editing for corporate films and webisodes. Her expertise as an online Henry and Smoke artist specifically for TV commercials, documentaries and feature films led her to work in Jakarta, Hong Kong and Singapore. With two decades of post production experience, Pinky enjoys both offline and online editing. She loves shaping stories, giving the pulse and life to whatever she cuts. When no one notices the visual effects and is drawn to the story, this is her forte when it comes to online finishing. She calls it being invisible and she knows she’s done the job right.

Azman Mohamed
Gravitate, Colourist

Azman Mohamed is one of the founding partner of Gravitate and has been its resident colourist since its inception in late 2012. With almost 20 years of experience in post-production, he has gathered a wide array of skills from his days in audio production through to colour grading. Adding his dedication and skill to every project and referencing his passion for music and training in fine arts, Azman Mohamed aspires to create works of exquisite beauty and intense drama. His work experiences throughout his career extend across a broad range of genre from television commercials to feature films and documentaries. Whether it’s a movie or TV ads, Azman enjoys the process of telling a story through colours and bringing the imageries to life. Through colour isolation, power windows and skilled use of colour palettes, Azman Mohamed diligently worked with filmmakers, directors and cinematographers to realize their vision and storyline. He also enjoys getting involved early in the process from conceptualisation to fruition of the work. In 2016, Azman won 2 awards for Best Colour Grading in the Long-Form and Short-Form category for HBO Series “Halfworlds” and Eric Khoo’s feature “Cinema” respectively at the Asia Image Apollo Awards. Apart from his work, Azman is also passionate about music having performed locally as well as overseas. His music has brought him from concerts and music festivals to the hall of the United Nations. He plays a clay flute called the Ocarina and has played in the recording of some of the most famous songs by artist such as Stephanie Sun’s “My Desired Happiness (我 要的幸福)” and J J Lin’s “1000 Years Later (一千年以后)” to name a few. He also had several albums to his name.

Xander Toh
Audio Post

With a deep passion for music and sound, Xander enjoys working closely with other creative professionals to craft compelling stories and has many years of experience, working on various meaningful projects throughout his career, such as: Crazy Rich Asian (ADR), NETFLIX Marco Polo Season 1 and 2 (ADR), HBO Half Worlds Season 1 and 2 (Dialogue editing, ADR and Ambience design).

Yap Qian Yin
Trailer Editor

Yap Qian Yin is a multi-disciplinary editor based in Singapore with a BFA in Media Art, Specialising in Animation. Notable editing works include ‘sem;’ which received recognition from a local newspaper on raising awareness in mental health. She is conversant with every aspect of post- production, from motion graphics to visual effects, and aims to hone her craft in editing to create compelling films that entertain and inspire.
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